The containers do have a solid steel roof and in many cases this is enough however it is not perfect for water drainage and adding a pitched roof can be a good option it can also help with the overall insulation. Also if you are planning to use the roof for any outside seating / decking area then the roof will need some re-enforcing.

The main roofing options are:-

  • A flat roof – ideal if you want to also use for a garden roof or exterior decking area.
  • Slight pitch roof with side guttering.
  • Full pitched roof with apex – gives the look of a more traditional house.
  • Bridged roof – Spanning a large open area between 2 containers. This allows you to gain more living space for a lot less budget.


With all projects it is important to understand what type of loads your foor will need to withstand. In Thailand we have some very sever typhoons which may affect your roof, also in other countries you need to consider snow loads.

The 2 main types of load to consider are :-

  • Live loads – this is a load which changes constantly and may vary at differetn times of the year. High winds or torrential rain and also in some places snow fall. It would also include loads such as people walking on the roof or furniture etc.
  • Dead loads – this is a load which will remain constant. This would include any structures permanently placed on the roof


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