Firstly before starting the project you need to make sure you can actually get the containers onto the site. Most of the containers will be delivered by a 10 wheel truck which is a minimum of 45 ft long. Ensure there is suitable access, room to maneuver etc.

The ground should be firm enough for the lorries to drive onto and also for cranes to position themselves.

There are many delivery companies in Thailand and the price will vary depending on distance and type of lorry. A typical 10 wheel delivery lorry will cost between THB 12,000 – THB 20,000 for most locations in Thailand from Bangkok.

The easiest way to place shipping containers on your foundation is with a crane.  These should be a minimum of 7MT ton crane. Most areas in Thailand have local crane companies for hire from around THB 6000 – 10,000 per day and this should be enough for a few containers.

If a crane is not suitable for you location then there are other ways to mive containers but these can be a lot of hassle. For the smaller containers then a forklift can be used.

For Thailand delivery most 20ft container lorries have a crane on board which can lift the unit down to around 2m from the lorry. The 40ft container lorries do not have cranes so an external one is needed. So far there are no Slide Off Lorries available or IF you can find them the price is extortionate!

Thailand Cables!
We all know the roads in Thailand and have seen the cable poles next to them when looking at your route please check for low lying cables going across the roads which may collide with the lorry. This is especially important once you leave the main cities.

We normally have one of our support vehicles with the containers and some of our team with lifting poles to ensure nothing catches the container on the way.

Finally if you have a small road or narrow turns the container lorry’s will block traffic so please have a word with the local police and make sure they are aware of the delivery. They will normally be very helpful and divert traffic or even block the roads while you maneuver.

Damage During Delivery

For many of our projects the containers are constructed at our facility in Thailand and then transported to site. This is OK and it is crucial that preparations are done to the container before delivery to minimize the damage done during transit. Many of our projects require the final work to be done on site. This often includes the final finishing and installation of fragile items.

The main things to prepare before delivery are

  • Windows and doors should be removed during transit to avoid damage or boarded over / protected.
  • Showers Cubicles or other fragile items removed.
  • Ceilings supported to eliminate the “bounce” during transit.
  • Any furniture / fitted units secured properly.
  • Any external fascia removed during transit.
  • No items located on the roof durign transit. In Thailand the maximum height for a lorry is about 5m. Trucks are approx 1.6m high so any items on the roof may push it over the max which would catch cables etc.
  • Tiles flooring should have latex or ribber added to the grout to allow some flexibility and reduce cracking.
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