Modular Building Or Converted Container, What’s The Difference?

Modular units are slightly different from container units as they are normally made from a steel framework and ISO Sandwich Panel Walls. These wall panels are 2 pieces of steel which have an insulation material such as PS or PU Foam or Rockwool in the middle to form a “Sandwich” Panel.

Modular Units are also normally larger than a standard container. A typical size would be 6m x 3m or 12m x 3m. Modular Units can also be made wider than 3m and also joined together to make very large spaces.

Modular units are normally Cheaper than containers and are ideal for many installations. The main difference is normally the final finish, ISO Wall Panels have a smooth finish compared to the container ripple finish, also most Modular Units normally have the electrical conduits fitted onto the surface of the panel rather than hidden behind the wall.

Modular Units can also be manufactured in a “Knock Down” format which means they can be transported to difficult locations and assembled on site.

Modern Modular Buildings

Over the last few years the design of modular building has improved dramatically, many new building are made from modular panels with all electrics and other services hidden in the panels. Some of the well known companies such as Amazon Café, Burger King etc. all use modular units for their new premises.

These new designs allow modular units to be used for installation where a more attractive finish is also required, this includes modern shops and commercial units and even modular houses which can be transported and assembled on site within a short period of time.

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