Foundations are going to be one of the most important aspects of your home. Before placing any containers the foundation should be prepared properly and there are several factors you need to consider first.

Although containers can be placed on most solid surfaces such as compacted ground or car parks you need to have proper foundations especially for multi level homes.

In Thailand there are also certain regulations which you SHOULD follow. There are a number of container projects in Bangkok which were just placed on the tarmac ground however many of these are now being made to construct proper foundations.

The regulations in Thailand vary from area to area and a lot of the final decisions will depend on the local authorities and their requirements. For example if you are placing a container  home in the middle of the countryside then you may need to do very basic foundations. However if you are in central Bangkok or one of the main cities the local planning department have specific details of how deep piles must be in certain areas of the city, they may also insist on a cement slab 20cm thick in some places. Any planning we can assist with.

If you are located in the country and planning to locate the home on a rice paddy or old farm land then you are going to need to fill the land with hardcore rubble and also compact this before you start.

Always consult us or an engineer or qualified builder to ensure a proper foundation is done.

The main types of foundations are as follows:-

Basic Pillars
If you have solid ground then these can be as simple as digging a hole around 1m deep and placing some hardcore rubble in the bottom with some re-bar steel. You can then purchase some of the concrete pipes you see all over Thailand (Around  THB 500 each) and fill these with cement to make small pillars. We would normally recommend 1 in each corner of the container plus 1 every 2 meters along the sides (although you can have less) It is also a good idea to add steel plates to the top so the containers can be welded to the pillars.

Piled Pillars
These are large concrete pillars which are piled into the gournd to certain depths until they reach solid ground. In most of Thailands cities the local government will have a depth specified for certain areas. For example in central Bangkok the authorities will expect a minimum of 6m depth pillars.

In southern Thailand especially near the coastal areas then the depth is around 4m before you hit solid rock.

Slab Foundations
These are the most cost;y type of foundations and can combine piled pillars plus a solid slab of cement for the containers to sit on. The normal thickness for the cement slab is 20cm and this is often insisted on by the Thai Council in major cities.

As well as the main ones listed above there are WALL Foundations which consist of small walls built at even spacing along the base of the containers.

If you need any advice on foundations then just give us a call. We have our own team of groundworks that can assess your land and carry out any work needed.

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Container Delivery & Access

When you are doing the foundations also remember you will need a good solid base for the delivery lorries and crane. The last thing you need is for the container lorries to be stuck in site. Normally making a solid area or access road from rubble is sufficient.

Also make sure you plan the access for lifting the containers into position. Smaller containers can be moved by forklift and jacks etc but for the 40ft containers the options are a lot less and the main method will be by crane which will need good access and solid ground.

Water Supply & Waste Sewage

When planning the foundations in Thailand you will also need to plan the location of the Septic Tank and main water supply. Many projects will have access to main sewage etc but many will also need the separate tank. Normally a large hole is dug to the side of the property to house the tank. The overflow is then routed underground to the local sewage point.

Water pipes should also be located in areas where they are not going to be damaged by trucks etc

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