Garden Retreat

Shipping container transformed into a stunning garden retreat.

The project below shows a 40ft container converted to a Eco Friendly garden retreat / studio / guesthouse.

Originally developed by Texas architect Jim Poteet, is it made from a single 8ft x  40ft shipping container which has then been converted to a beautiful studio in San Antonio. A portion of the container is dedicated for seating while the remaining area is dedicated to bathroom and storage.

Eco Friendly Features

The foundation for the container is made from recycled telephone poles, and the entire studio is packed with environmentally friendly features, this includes a living green roof, composting toilet, rainwater collection and other eco friendly finishes. The floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows ensure the property feels bright and airy with plenty of natural light and an armature on the back of the container, surrounded with vines adds the final touches.

The deep blue colored retreat includes heating and air-conditioning, bamboo flooring and wall covering as well as a small sink and shower, whose waste water is used to irrigate the plants in the garden. It also has custom made lamps from recycled tractor parts fitted with vapor lamps.

Overall the property provides a simple, airy retreat perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons.

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