Where Can I Buy Shipping Containers From?


Container Kings Thailand have a full range of Recycled containers available for wholesale. Price varies depending on condition.

Grade Levels

  • Grade A (Excellent) = Containers come as delivered. Outer & Inner paintwork has been re done. Outer skin has been fully repaired. All parts are complete. Inner floor / Walls in very good condition.
  • Grade B (Good) = Containers come as delivered. Outer & inner paintwork is fairly good. Outer skin may have some slight damage, rust or dents. All parts are complete. Minor damage to inner floor / walls
  • Grade C (Poor) = Containers come as delivered. may be fairly rough, outer skin may have damage, rust or dents. Some parts may be missing. Inner floor may be damaged etc.

Recycled Container Prices

  • 20 Ft GP Standard Container: Grade C = Start From THB 28,000 for a grade C / Grade B = 38,000 / Grade A = THB 45,000
  • 40 Ft GP Standard Container : Grade C = THB 35,000 / Grade B = 45,000 / A = THB 55,000
  •  40 Ft Hi Cube Container : Grade C = THB 39,000 / Grade B = 49,000 / Grade A = THB 59,000
  • 45 Ft Hi Cube Container : Grade C = THB 53,000 / Grade B = 63,000 / Grade A = THB 73,000

** NOTE – Container prices vary like any other commodity and prices will depend on the current steel scrap prices as well as the wholesale container price index. The above prices are a rough GUIDE only. Please check with us for the latest prices.

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