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If you are interested in a container home then the process is VERY easy. We handle everything from start to finish.

The process of designing a container, getting a quote and finalising the interior is as follows.

STEP 1 – Getting an initial quotation

  1. Send us an email outlining your requirements or complete the free online estimate.
  2. We will then send you the initial quotation which will outline the scope of works and total price. This will let you know the budget you require.
  3. Discuss any changes and ideas with you and then we will send a revised quotations.
  4. Design CAD drawings are then needed to finalise layout and all materials etc. these are done once an order is confirmed. Or if you wish to have these done first we are happy to provide these for a nominal charge which is deducted from the final order.

STEP 2 – Proceeding & Main Steel Work

  1. Once you have the quote and you feel it is within your budget and want to proceed the next step is to confirm the order and finalise all interior and fittings.
  2. At this stage a small deposit is required to confirm the order.
  3. We would need to meet with you to go over all materials, styles, fixtures and fittings , colours etc.
  4. Based on this the Final price would be reached based on any changes for the entire project.
  5. We will produce all CAD drawings for approval and finalise internal layouts and door window positions.
  6. Foundation drawings are supplied (if required)
  7. Final meeting to ensure all fixtures fittings etc correct
  8. Main container layout is started – Main steel work / doorways / windows etc. walls ceilings, electrics, water. Etc.
  9. Foundations works started (if required)
  10. Customer can inspect at any time and progress reports sent.

STEP 3 – Interior

  1. Once all layout is complete and the interior work is ready to start we require the second payment.
  2. Final meeting to confirm all interior design.
  3. Interior decoration works commence – Tiling, fixtures & fittings, furnishings, floor coverings etc.

STEP 4 – Delivery & Installation

  1. If the project is done on site then this step would not all apply to you, however if the project is done at our premises then the normal procedure would be as below.
  2. Once all main work is complete the 3rd payment is required before delivery to your site.
  3. Delivery and on site installation is then started. We will work with any other site contractors and ensure all amenities are connected and the project is complete.
  4. Once complete and you confirmed all work is done as agreed the final payment is then due.

STEP 5 – Move in & Enjoy!

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