How Expensive Are Shipping Container Homes?


One of the main reasons why people build shipping container homes is because of their affordability. Container homes & projects vary in price depending on your requirements and the interior standards.

A bare container without anything done will start at around THB 30,000 – 45,000 (USD $850 – $1,500), you then need to rust proof the unit, add flooring, walls, plumbing, electrics and all the other things to turn it onto a home.

A small container room can be as cheap as THB 60,000 ($1700) fully completed. A typical container home can cost between $10,000 – $40,000 depending on the internal fittings and layout.

A Rough Guide To Pricing

As a basic “Rough Guide” in Thailand you should budget around THB 10,000 – THB 12,000 PER SQM for a full container home with doors and windows plus internal gypsum walls with full electrics and water pipes plus all internal fittings such as fitted bathroom / kitchen and AC Units.

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