To help us give the best quotation please provide us with as much information about your project as possible. If you can descibe the layout and style this will help. If you are unsure you can use the sections below to help you. 

Converted Shipping Containers - Base Container Size

Choose the size of the base container you wish to use.

This is a standard ISO container and will be the main SHELL of the project. 


If you would like an accurate price please fill in the following sections. If not you can SKIP to the end. 

Container Style

There are many styles available for containers, some of which are outlined below. Please choose the closest to yours. The different styles will include different options. For example an office unit may require fire resistant materials whereas a storage unit may not. More details can be discissed with us. 

Converted Shipping Containers - How Many Internal Rooms

To give us an idea of the internal walls needed. Enter the number of rooms you require in the TOTAL container project. If the room type is not listed please select GENERAL ROOM. If you need an EMPTY container then please leave BLANK

Converted Shipping Containers - Windows & Doors

Please enter the total number of doors and windows your require in the Project. 

Converted Shipping Containers - Internal Finish

Container interiors can be as simple or luxurious as required. The finish will depend on your personal taste and this can be discussed in detail with us. To get a "Rough Estimate" please choose the internal finishings below you require.

Converted Shipping Containers - Additional Extras

There are many additional extras which can be added to a container. These include Solar Systems, water recycling, outer staricases and more. Below are some of the most popular options. Please contact us for more details. 

Converted Shipping Containers - Delivery & Installation

Delivery prices will vary depending on your location and below is a very rough estimate which covers most of Thailand. You will need to make sure you have suitable access for a 10 wheel lorry. Also to lift containers from the lorry a crane is required. Crane hire is available throughout Thailand.

Please press submit to send a copy of this Estimate to yourseld and us. We will contact you back within 24hrs to asisst with any further information

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